Living in Gosforth

Gosforth is north of the city centre and about as far as you can get from the city centre while still being in Newcastle. However Gosforth can still be an ideal location for both students and professionals.

Travel in Gosforth
While a walk into town from Gosfroth wouldn’t be recommended, it’s roughly an hour walk away, it’s well connected via public transport. Five Metro stations connect you from the Newcastle Airport, city centre, and up to the coast. With the modernisation process metro travel is a great way to travel throughout Newcastle. Several bus networks all operate through he Gosforth area, travelling through estates and along the Great North Road which flows into the heart of Newcastle.

Shopping in Gosforth
While Gosforth is well connected to the city centre you may find you won’t need to visit much. Gosforth has a well equipped high street and the Gosforth Shopping Centre which has a Sainsbury’s supermarket for your day to day food shop. There’s also an Asda and Tesco Extra in the area too.

Schools in Gosforth
For our family tenants the nearby schools can be a large part of choosing accommodation. The main secondary school in the area is Gosforth Academy, which also has sixth form students as well. There are also several public schools in the area too such as Westfield School.

Entertainment in Gosforth
If you’re a sports fan then you can be well served, with a local rugby club and golf course. The recently revamped swimming pool provides a relaxing way to exercise and unwind from a long day. Gosforth is well suited for restaurant lovers with a wide variety of cuisine on offer.

Gosforth’s strengths lie in it’s distance from the town, it’s much more residential than other areas of Newcastle and much calmer and quieter than you might be in a place like Heaton or Jesmond. Yet it’s tight travel links mean you’ll never feel too far from all the action of Newcastle.

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