Living in Fenham

When looking to live in Newcastle on a budget Fenham is an excellent choice. With the main West Road passing straight through Fenham it’s a great spot for travel to and from the city centre whether for shopping or university. Fenham is also a popular choice for international students due to it’s large amount of multicultural shops, the comforts of home are never far away.

Travel in Fenham
You can either walk, which takes you about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the city centre of Newcastle or you can take on of the many public buses which bring you right to the centre or further afield. There’s no Metro station in Fenham (too high), but the regular bus services sure make up for it. The buses almost depart every five minutes and are the easiest way to go into the city. You can take the busses straight to either the Central Station or Monument mMtro stations if looking to travel that way.

Shopping in Fenham
Fenham is a less busy place for shopping than the city centre but still has ample choice. There are a few Caf├ęs and Coffee Shops and some restaurants. As Fenham is a multicultural area also the restaurants are very multicultural. A lot of them have an Middle East and Asian influence. For shopping your groceries Fenham offers you a lot of little shops where you can get cheap and fresh vegetables, fruits and other groceries. There is also an ASDA along Mill Lane where you might find things which you can’t find in the small local shops. If you want to shop new clothes just take the bus to the city centre and within 10 minutes you can be shopping in Eldon Square.

Schools in Fenham
For those looking for family accommodation Fenham has several schools to choose from in the area. There are over 10 primary schools and about 5 secondary schools. Two of them are just for girls, one is just for boys and the rest are mixed. Heading closer to town is Newcastle College for the older children, currently going through major renovation and expansion.

Entertainment in Fenham
If you are into sports, there are a lot of sport clubs in Fenham which you can join. Heading out west is the large football training grounds, which also includes a gym. There are also Cricket Club, Boxing Club, Olympic Weightlifting Club and a lot more. There is also a swimming pool in Fenham Hall Drive which also offers a sauna and a steam room. Fenham is host to several libraries so you can have your nose in a book soaking up the sun in Elswick Park. And should you run out of entertainment in Fenham, the previously mentioned busses can have you boogying the night away in the city centre.

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