Living in Jesmond

Alongside it’s neighbour Gosforth, Jesmond is a popular location for both families and students looking for a property to rent. Surrounded by the town moor on one side and Jesmond Dene on the other you might feel like it’s closed off and has nothing to offer but on the contrary it has a lot to see and a lot to do depending on your interests. It’s also a short distance from the centre of Newcastle.

Travel in Jesmond
The walk to Newcastle city centre in twenty two minutes. There are spots in town for you to park your bike safely which makes cycling a good option. However if you want to take public transport depending on your location it’s only a short walk to one of three metro stations in Jesmond. The nice thing about being close to town is that you only need to hop on the metro then a couple of stops later you are at Haymarket which is at the top of the most populated street in town, Northumberland street.

Shopping in Jesmond
Jesmond has a Waitrose situated just at the corner of Osborne Road. If you find yourself stuck to a budget when it comes to buying food then there’s Tesco’s which is at the bottom of Acorn Road. Acorn Road is just off Osborne Road so either way you aren’t far from your preferred supermarket. There are a couple of clothes shops but if you are looking for a bigger range then you still have town. Jesmond also has two pharmacies on Acorn Road so you can obtain your prescriptions easily.

Schools in Jesmond
For families you have a couple of nice options for schools. For those of a younger age there is West Jesmond Primary School who educate children from 4-11. From year six and onwards until Sixth Form you have other options like Newcastle School for Girls or RGS. There is also Dame Allan’s school for boys and girls which takes in children from ages three until Sixth Form.

Entertainment in Jesmond
For those interested in sport there’s Jesmond pool which has a swimming pool and a fitness suite. It also offers various classes based upon your interests. Jesmond also has a real tennis club for those interested. If, however you enjoy exercising solo or you don’t have time to go to the gym then there is Jesmond Dene and the town moor where you can go for a quiet jog.

If you want to go out for a bite to eat or to go out drinking there are many bars and restaurants along Osborne Road. The restaurants cater to a variety of cuisines so you don’t need to stick to one thing.

Jesmond suits both families and students alike. Whilst some areas are noisy there are quiet areas too. You are never far from a place to eat, drink or shop and if you need something beyond that then you need only walk or take a quick metro trip into the heart of Newcastle. Between the sights of the moor and Jesmond Dene coupled with the bars and restaurants you are sure to not get bored.

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