Student Lettings Explained

Renting a property for the very first time can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. There may be quite a few questions you have and many choices ahead of you. By utilising the services of a residential company, you can help to toss aside the stress of worrying about your first rental property and replace it with joy and excitement.

Student lettings are typically based on a 12-month contract and can begin anytime from the month of June until September. Properties can range anywhere from one bedroom rental all the way up to six bedrooms, to share with friends. Traditionally, students live in shared houses and properties to help cut down living expenses. The costs of student lettings and accommodations can vary across the country so you will want to make sure you have a good understanding of what is AA reasonable rate for you and any friends living with you to afford. Many letting agents will use per person per week (PPPW) format so that you can work with your weekly budget easily.

Length of Contract

Before you sign a tenant agreement, you will want to check out how long you will be signing it for. Even though the minimum is 12 months, you should speak to the lettings agent ahead of time once you determine how long you will need your rental property for.

Considerations for Accommodations

Location is important; you will want to think about where your property is located in reference to school, entertainment, and eateries. Maintenance Issues are another consideration when determining your rental accommodations.

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