What to Look For in Student Lettings

Being a student is a stark move from adolescence to adulthood. It is a defining moment in your life when you leave the security of your childhood home and venture out into the world. It also means that you will need somewhere to live. There are many things that a prospective student should look for when apartment hunting, and here are a few hints to help.

Facilities and Utilities
Usually, a landlord will rent a student accommodation out partly or fully furnished. This is one handy thing to look for because it cuts your costs of moving. You won’t want to have to go out and buy lorry loads of furniture on your budget, so look for fully or partly furnished accommodation adverts.

Fully furnished may or may not include a washing machine and/or dryer. If you absolutely must have this utility then you are narrowing your options, but you might find that a landlord will provide those, so keep your eyes open for those ads.

Your rent may include services. Sometimes, when a landlord has been stung by a hefty bill from a previous tenant they may decide that it is easier to add the utilities to the cost of the rent. This will up the price you pay your landlord, but it may be cheaper in the long run where bills are concerned.

Friends and Roomies
If you are planning to share the accommodation, you should make sure that all the other tenants are on the lease with you. It will implicate them in the event of a legal issue and not leave you holding the baby.

Finally, try to room with like-minded people who you can agree with on the way the house is run. You may need to share out the household tasks and chores, and you won’t want a lazy one refusing to take out the trash.

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