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I’m Daniel, the content on our various social media pages and this blog are all my own personal thoughts after 15 years investing in the property market.

I started out in property at the tender age of 15, this was when I set my first goal, to be able to buy my own house.  I was still in school and had watched my parents invest in property for a few years before this.  I started at the bottom of the ladder and would be dropped off in an empty house full of rubbish or in gardens with grass up to my knees, my job was to fill skips and make ready for trades to come in and refurbish.  My roles progressed from there until I was able to drive, attending viewings and appointments myself.  In the years up to and throughout university I did most jobs you could possibly imagine within property.

I went on to study Estate Management at Northumbria University.  Whilst at university I bought my first property, unable to get a mortgage I bought a cheap house cash at auction and refurbished it myself.  I had a sports scholarship for university, worked self-employed jobs in the holidays and as a swimming teacher in the evenings, this meant I was relatively cash rich (for my age at least) but couldn’t get a mortgage.  I sat on this property for three years before I could take out a mortgage on it to pull my money back out, this then enabled me to buy further properties.

After graduating instead of becoming a chartered surveyor I turned my education towards the residential property sector which I had grown up with and set up my first company, a ventilation business aimed at catering towards the private rented sector which suffered with condensation and mould.  This business wasn’t for me and it was short lived, I sold on my contact lists and equipment and instead I took brief jobs within a large national estate agency and then a recruitment agency with the aim of gaining experience.   After a year in the working world, the experience of a previous business and by now a few properties under my belt I was far better prepared to set up my next business – Daniel Craig Residential.

From this point on I continued to invest in property and built my own multi million pound portfolio whilst also working with external investors to manage their properties.  This was the main part of my journey from the age of 22- 27 but mixed in I have had several other ventures, setting up building companies, damp proofing companies, car hire companies and becoming a franchisee of a well known brand. Whilst these various companies didn’t make any huge sums of money the lessons and education I have gained from them has proved invaluable.  After years of working intrinsically, within our own family, more recently I have branched out further on my own.  Partnering with other developers last year we completed a £3.5m conversation of a grade 2 listed building into 12 apartments and are set to begin work this year delivering a similar grade 2 listed conversion at circa £6m, see photo below.

My sole focus is now property and after looking at various ways to differentiate Daniel Craig Residential we began to offer our portfolio building and management services to external investors, many based outside of the North East and abroad, looking to achieve the high yields our area can offer.  To develop this I decided to get involved in social media.  This has developed quickly and the impact on the way I work because of it has been huge.  Previously my working life has been very insular and private, now I share my daily work with thousands of people (okay only 2 thousand at the moment!) and in return they also share their experiences and ideas.

As I continue to grow and develop our businesses further I want to share our journey and have as many people take part with us as possible!

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