Finding the perfect student accomodation

It’s the place you’ll be living in for the next year or more while attending your studies at university, and you’ll want it to be the best place it can be. So what should you be on the look for when getting that perfect student let in Newcastle?

Number of Rooms

The first thing to single out is how many people you’ll be living with. This will determine the amount of rooms you’ll need. While it can be tempting to rent a house with all your mates keep in mind there is a limit to the amount of rooms a house will have. We currently offer properties for rent ranging from 2 to 6 rooms. Three bedroom properties tend to be the most common.


Budgeting is a large part of student life, student loans can make it easier to work out how much money you will have to  spend over the year. You should asses what is more important to you. If a rented property is mostly just there to be a roof over your head then you might be happy with accommodation with lower rent. However if you’re looking for somewhere to call home allocating more of your budget to rent makes much more sense. If you’re unsure our helpful staff can help figure what properties are ideal for your budget range.

Ideal Location

As students the primary concern is the ease of getting on to campus. Being within walking distance would be ideal but where that’s not possible it’s worth checking local public transport routes. Newcastle is well set-up for transport links, with both frequent buses and a Metro system interconnecting city locales. Google Maps is a useful tool, highlighting public transport as well as local shops and entertainment.

House or Flat?

This is largely up to personal preference. Flats tend to be a more common preference for students. Flats are more compact, usually without a garden but for many students this isn’t an issue. Most flats do offer some kind of backyard access though, useful for storing bicycles. Houses can provide a more familiar setting for those homesick, and usually provide gardens for those looking for a bit of greenery.

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