How will The Tenant Fee Act affect the Private Rented Sector?

A ban on both letting agents and landlords charging their tenants fees is about to come into force in June […]

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What Is Our No Money Challenge?

By far the most popular question I am asked is how do I get started in property quickly followed, in […]

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Who Is Talking Property?

I’m Daniel, the content on our various social media pages and this blog are all my own personal thoughts after […]

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Estate agency news

After developing our letting agency to incorporate sales we are proud to report a great start to the year in […]

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Christmas Holidays

Our office will be closed from Tuesday 23rd December until Monday 5th January 2015. For urgent enquiries which can not […]

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How to Handle Bad Tenants

Horror stories reported about the chaos that can result from terrible tenants can be enough to put prospective landlords off […]

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How to Manage your Student Finances

As a student, it can be difficult enough to manage your time and schedule, much less your finances. However, that […]

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Keeping the Tenant Happy: Tips for Landlords

Most landlords understand the importance of attracting reliable, long-term tenants; a great deal of time and money can be spent […]

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Great North Run Million Opening Ceremony

Absolutely fabulous night at The Great North Run Million Opening Ceremony last night. The North East has done us proud […]

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